Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on Plans for Spring


It's been a while since I've posted, and for good reason: I'm entering my last semester of grad school, and finals through December were pretty brutal since I took 17 hours.  Mark my words: DO. NOT. DO. THAT.

Anyway, I have big plans for this blog in the coming months.  I've ordered a good bit of supplies from Knitpicks (including new needles to replace the ones I have used into tarnish and even destroyed).  Even using what I have around the house, I have knitted a fair number of pieces that sit next to me in various states of finish: a red and white striped minidress, a bra top, shrug, cardi's... lots of ends to weave in!  What I intend to do is this: knit Pullip-sized versions of popular Ravelry and Knitty designs, kindly ask for permission to post the Pullip patterns from designers, and then release the patterns on here.  At the very least, I think I can post pictures of the finished products, even without permission (since presumably the designer would allow me to post a picture of their design on a human), so at least there will be pictures as soon as I go on the massive finishing spree required to get these pieces (including the older, already-posted pieces that have yet to be finished) photo-ready.

Good news too: Christmas (or rather, New Year's) yielded a fantastic new friend - Neo Noir, who I've named Lillian.  I LOVE this doll - I was a little Gothy in high school and she is unmistakably Goth with that cat-eye makeup and deep red eyes.  Lillian opens up all kinds of opportunities for me to knit: where Lenore is usually bright and sunny but sometimes conservative (a kind of amalgam of my sister's and my styles), Lillian is dark, demure, (dare I say sexy?) and certainly not afraid to show a little skin.  Where it feels strange dressing Lenore in revealing styles, it feels natural with Lillian.  So the plans are to post some patterns in that direction - lingerie, micro-miniskirts, corset styling, and deep jewel tones.

Finally, I have a great modified pattern that the Puchi Collective has graciously given me permission to post: Pullip pants.  Since school is starting soon, I should be able to get access to a scanner (when the lab isn't busy, which it shouldn't be early on in the semester) and post that as a .pdf (no resizing needed).

So please, stay tuned and bear with me!

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  1. Yay! Congrats on the new girlie, she's a beaut. =D I'm looking forward to seeing your Puchi pants refits. I haven't had much luck refitting them myself, heh. =/