Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knitting Pattern: Pullip Legwarmers

A pretty simple pattern for doll legwarmers.  Obviously these will fit almost any doll.  Super easy, super quick, super cute - I made these when I was chit-chatting with my mother-in-law and didn't have my Pullip.
Pullip Legwarmers
You will need:
  • Size 1 US needles, douple-pointed with point protectors, one circular, or straight
  • Small amount of crochet thread, laceweight yarn, or other very thin yarn - under 50 yards
  • About 15" of 1/8" wide satin ribbon
  • Scissors & ruler
  • Darning needle (#22 tapestry)
You will need to know:
  • Cast on, bind off, knit, purl, stockinette stitch, and 1x1 rib
Gauge: 11 sts/per inch in stockinette stitch on size 1-US needles.  To ensure accurate sizing, be sure to check your gauge.

CO 20 sts.  Work 4 rows in 1x1 rib.
Work in stockinette stitch for the length of your doll's leg, from knee to heel.  Yes - all the way; you'll add a little more ribbing so they are "slouchy."
Work 4 more rows in 1x1 rib.  BO loosely, leaving a long tail to seam.  Weave in loose ends.  Block lightly if desired.

Seam up the back of the legs preferably using mattress stitch if possible.

Using the ribbon, thread through in the last round of ribbing or the first round of stockinette (whatever stitches stick out more).  Thread the ribbon through the tapestry needle and start at the front (opposite your seam).  Leaving a couple inches of ribbon sticking out, do a running stitch through those stitches: under the knit stitches and in front of the purl stitches (try to stay consistent on the same row).  Go all the way around the back and come out the front.  Cut the ribbon at an angle and tie in a bow (if you aren't lazy like me, you can try this with matching sewing thread and make it extra-secure).  Repeat for the other leg.
If you don't have ribbon, try doing stripes every 2 rows.  If you only use 2 colors, you won't have to weave in the ends if you carry them up the sides very neatly.

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